Here, peace and quiet await you!

Our mountain farm is called „Platzbon,“ meaning “good place” in the old Alpine language of Ladin. The farm is situated on the Plose mountain, 1330 meter (4364 ft.) above sea level, overseeing the beautiful town of Brixen.
Our farm lies in isolation and quietness. It is blessed with a wonderful panoramic view across Brixen and the Eisack Valley.
It is remote, yet easy to get to.

Here, nature is all around you!

Our farm is surrounded by idyllic meadows and forests, inviting you to come for a walk or a hike. As you step out the door, you will immediately find yourself in the midst of our wonderful Alpine landscape. The Dolomites are nearby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with impressive rock formations.

Here, you can experience mountain farming while it’s happening!

On our mountain farm, we keep milk cows, calves, pigs, chickens, ducks, cats, and a horse. While you are here, you can hear, see, smell, and pet our animals, experience them with all of your senses.
You are welcome to watch us carrying out our daily farming duties.

Here, everything is authentic!

We are a real mountain farm with farming as the main source of income.
No. 1 are our milk cows. We also sell our young cattle directly from the farm.
It may happen that the calves decide to take an unauthorized hike, or some of our chickens walk in on your BBQ party …. Which is why there may be the occasional cow pat or a little bit of hay lying around.

Here, you will feel at home right upon arrival!

We renovated our historic farm with our own hands in dedicated and meticulous, detailed work, all the while adhering to ecological aspects. The results are two cozy and spacious holiday apartments that have a wonderfully comforting atmosphere.