Are you longing for nature?

Listening to the raindrops coming down, have the wind comb through your hair, letting the sun warm your skin? Feeling the soil beneath your feet? Experiencing the course of the seasons?

Are you looking for peace and quiet?

Away from overstimulation and multitasking … simply gazing into the vast distance? Becoming more susceptible to the quieter noises and small signs that are so easily overlooked in the hectic rush of everyday life?
Freeing yourself, taking a break from everyday life, just winding down?

Do you wish you had “more” time?

Are you still up to it: Savoring the moment; simply being present in the here and now? Finding time for the things that really matter: Time to cook well and to eat well, time for your loved ones, time for yourself?

Here, you can recharge!

Here, high up in the mountains, life happens at a different pace. It invites you to linger and to dial down. Far away from the fast pace of the city and from constant sensory overload, body and soul can recharge.
Here, you can focus on the things that really matter in your life.

Here, you can enjoy family life!

Situated at the end of the street, there is almost no traffic at our farm. Instead, there is ample of space for your kids to play and roam around.
The holiday apartments are well-equipped for children, so your
family vacation can be uncomplicated and carefree.