Our farm

Here, peace and quiet await you!

Our organic farm is called „Platzbon" and is situated on the Plose mountain, 1330 meter (4364 ft.) above sea level, overseeing the beautiful town of Brixen. Our farm lies in isolation and quietness. It is blessed with a wonderful panoramic view across Brixen and the Eisack Valley. You only need to step out of the front door and you find yourself in the middle of a wonderful alpine landscape.

Here, everything is authentic!

We are a real mountain farm with farming as the main source of income. In 2018, we switched to organic farming. No. 1 are our milk cows. We also sell our young cattle directly from the farm. It may happen that the calves decide to take an unauthorized hike, or some of our chickens walk in on your BBQ party …. Which is why there may be the occasional cow pat or a little bit of hay lying around.

Here, you can experience mountain farming while it’s happening!

We are happy to take adults and children to the cowshed and to milking. We explain to you the cycles of nature and what a dairy cow does. You can experience first-hand how milk and meat are produced and how we achieve good quality produce. You can feel it, taste it and see how it works! An exciting experience !

Here children are allowed to be children!

On and around the fam, there is almost no traffic and plenty of free space for imaginative games, romp and discovery. In addition to playground and stable, the nearby forest invites every want-to-be builder and craftsman! The good children's equipment in the apartments makes the family vacation carefree and uncomplicated. Rubber boots and mud pants are in demand when children are out and about!

  • cows, calves & pigs
  • cats
  • chicken & running ducks

Pure Delights – Food produced directly on our Farm

Milk fresh from the cow in your morning coffee, breakfast eggs directly from our farm chicken. Our animals are important suppliers for healthy and high quality foods. True to the motto You are what you eat.

We deliver fresh milk and eggs daily to you. We also market some of our young cattle directly from our farm. For our vacation guest, we always have some beef available.

Products from the farm

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Fresh yoghurt on request
JDepending on the season and stock
  • beef
  • bacon
  • salami
  • bresaola

Our farm house
Here, you will feel at home right upon arrival!

Our beloved farmhouse has been standing high above the Eisacktal for several hundred years. Again and again, it was changed over time by the residents and adapted to the needs. We also wanted to keep the house for future generations. In loving detail work, we have renovated it ourselves in the years 2014 to 2016. Two very cozy and spacious apartments have emerged, which radiate a cozy atmosphere and leave nothing to be desired. In 2017, we won the Itas Prize for the successful preservation of old buildings.

About Us

...are a family of four: Markus and Leonore with Sebastian and Andreas
...are a mixture of South Tyrolean original and German incomer
...are native, but untraditional
...welcome you with open arms, but are not intrusive

...have our heads full of ideas, always on the lookout for the “simple” and the “authentic” ... love what we do for a living