Your mini-break in nature...

Active holidays at a farm – A great nature vacation in Brixen/Plose

Our mountain farm lies isolated, surrounded by meadows and old forests. No matter the time of your visit: Each season has its own special charm! In summer, simply step out the door to enjoy the hiking paradise Plose surrounding you. The hiking trails directly pass our farm. Also, the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invite you all year round with their unforgettable view.

active holidays and relaxation
Active holidays at a farm
great nature vacation in Brixen/Plose
Here, you may recharge your batteries!

Take a vacation with your partner in South Tyrol – The perfect blend of active holidays and relaxation

Here, high up in the mountains, life happens at a different pace. It invites you to linger and to dial down. Far away from the fast pace of the city and from constant sensory overload, body and soul can recharge. Here, you can focus on the things that really matter in your life.

For your vacation with a partner, the spacious holiday apartments above Brixen provide enough space to enjoy togetherness and privacy. Pamper yourself with culinary delights from the inviting and perfectly equipped kitchen, or just relax and take in the sun on the wonderful balcony.


The basics of the dairy industry – Learn something new, even as an adult!

The “children of today” should learn where their milk and meat come from. But let’s be honest: Do you really know all the facts? We are happy to explain – even to adults – how agriculture works, offering you quite a few new experiences! Questions are welcome and you may lend us a hand at any time!

Active holidays at a farm
"Hey – I milked a cow for the first time when I was 45 years old."

Leisure time, Brixen and Mount Plose: the best conditions for a fabulous hiking holiday!

“Hiking is an activity of the legs – and a state of the soul.” (J. Hofmiller)
The Eisack Valley counts among the most beautiful hiking regions in South Tyrol and will strike you with its unique panoramic views and culinary specialties. On the local mountain of Bressanone – Mount Plose – you’ll find the ideal itinerary for everyone: From the WoodyWalk, a hiking trail for families, to challenging multi-peak hikes (Gabler, Pfannspitz and Plose) – and a stunning view of the Dolomites is always included!

Here you may enjoy nature to the fullest

An active farm vacation – Endless possibilities

  • Right in the heart of it
    You are welcome to help on our farm and get a taste of our everyday life.
  • As far as your feet can carry you
    Mount Plose offers fabulous hiking trails for every fitness level and age.
  • The greatest happiness on earth
    … lies on the back of a horse. From horse riding lesson to riding trips into the mountains – everything is possible!
  • Refresh and feel weightless
    Take a dip into a cool mountain lake or in the nearby leisure pool: Water fun is simply part of every holiday.
  • Only flying is more beautiful
    Switching to a bird’s eye view and paragliding over the wonderful alpine landscape of the Eisack Valley gives you a feeling of pure freedom!
  • Up the wall
    In Brixen’s climbing hall “Vertikale” or in the climbing gardens in the surroundings, free climbers of all levels of experience will find great challenges.
  • Take a trip
    The local mountain of Brixen and its surroundings are among the top locations in South Tyrol for mountain bikers!
  • Full throttle over hill and dale
    Downhill trails deluxe! If adrenaline rushes are your thing, then Mount Plose is your place to be.
  • Hiking expertise
    Nature tours with a guide will not only show you the most beautiful spots on Mount Plose – you will also learn a lot about Mother Nature.

Are you longing for nature? Listening to the raindrops coming down, have the wind comb through your hair, letting the sun warm your skin? Feeling the soil or the crushing snow crystals beneath your feet? Experiencing the course of the seasons? Meandering through meadows and forests, while taking in the amazing alpine scenery around you?

Are you looking for peace and quiet? Away from overstimulation and multitasking… simply gazing into the vast distance? Becoming more susceptible to the quieter noises and small signs that are so easily overlooked in the hectic rush of everyday life? Freeing yourself, taking a break from everyday life, just winding down?

Do you wish you had “more” time? Are you still up to it: Savoring the moment; simply being present in the here and now? Finding time for the things that really matter: Time to cook well and to eat well, time for your loved ones, time for yourself?

Discover the surroundings on horseback

Spring and autumn – holidays in changing seasons

In spring and autumn, the mountain world of the Dolomites shows its special side: In the warming rays of the spring sun, you may sip your first macchiato in the street café in the valley below, while the mountain peaks are still glowing white. The meadows shine in lush green and dandelion yellow and the calls of the cuckoo accompany your excursions into nature.

Autumn fascinates you with a yellow-red color display. The hustle and bustle of summer is long forgotten. At the end of the season, peace returns to people and nature. Long walks through yellow larch forests, under the dark blue October sky and then a leisurely stop in a tavern – that is autumn in South Tyrol.

Leisure time, Brixen and Mount Plose
Fascinating alpine landscape in the course of the year